About Frederick Ministries

Evangelist Dan Frederick was born in 1953 to Christian parents. He was raised in a parsonage family setting to Rev. A.A. Frederick and his wife Katherine. He lived his first two years or so in a one room log cabin located in Kehoe KY where his father served as pastor to a small Nazarene Church.

By the mid fifties the family would find themselves serving churches in Richmond KY and later in Dayton KY. By the late fifties early sixties the family would finally settle in Turkey Creek KY just outside Inez KY in Martin County.

 By early seventies Dan would find himself away from home and headed down a long and wrong road that brought him to two near death experiences. In 1972 a dramatic night in May led him to a confrontation with God where he would be born again in his own home town of Turkey Creek KY.

 The talents he had afforded him the opportunity to sing and travel with gospel groups around the country. In 1979 his life would change again in a dramatic way when he sensed God calling him out to preach. Accepting the call in 1980 he left the group he was with for several years and began to travel and preach while still working a full time job.

 In 1985 another change would take Dan into the pastorate in the small community of Harold KY in Floyd County in Eastern KY. There in this setting he would pastor and go to school and he would eventually graduate in August 1991 from the United Methodist Course of Study from Emory University in Atlanta GA.  All the while his small church grew and was recognized by the United Methodist Kentucky Conference with either the Membership Award or the New Convert award every year he served there in Harold KY.

 Although the church’s Dan served were recognized numerous times, he also received the prestigious Denman Award for Evangelism in 1990. All during this time the small church outgrew its facility and he and his congregation built and paid for a new complex that would serve the community for many years.

 In 1992 he moved to his second appointment (Kilgore United Methodist Church) where  again a small church quickly grew.  Again a new building would be needed and was erected as well as a new parsonage and all was paid for in record time. It was this church that would make history in the United Methodist Church. This congregation grew and received both the “Membership and New convert Awards In the same year. No church in the History of the Kentucky Conference had ever been so decorated.

In October of 1996 Dan’s life would change yet again. His personal call and love was and is evangelism. The Lord was permitting him after thirteen years of pasturing, to move on to a different level of ministry. This meant leaving a secure salary, insurance and a home that was all provided by the church. After much prayer and consideration the call to the District Superintendent was made and in March of 1997 the step was taken. It was ironic that the same bus he travelled in with a quartet he formed would become available and he would make his home in a 1947 Greyhound for the first year and a half.

 Bishop Robert Morgan assigned him to “Evangelistic Work” p. 569 1998 journal where God has used him in nine states and numerous churches. Dan and his wife Jeanie are committed to the cause of evangelism. They are members of Borders Chapel UMC in Ulysses KY. They have made themselves available to all churches. They will and do go without charge to all churches.

 This ministry is dedicated to the salvation of the soul and fulfilling the commission to go and make disciples. The Frederick Ministries is a non-profit ministry that welcomes the opportunity to serve wherever they are sent and they are trusting God to use their talents in music, their technique in teaching and preaching the Gospel to the salvation of the lost soul and the reviving of the saint.


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